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Classic Mully

"Extravagance at Your Fingertips"

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To book appointments please contact each tech as they hold

their own appointment books, payments, and setting their own prices. 



call or text: 415.309.6129



Text only: 415.525.2033

New clients deposit required

 While we do include art with most services please be prepared for the following that may be added to your bill depending on which type of service you booked/received. Some services are packaged with nail art included and may not be charged extra. 

Nail Art Add-ons (nail art is $1-$2/min)  is in addition to any of our services

2D nail art


One move flower


Regular hand paint




ShaNail Pro sticker


Minx accent nail

$8/full nail $4/cut design per nail


$4+/nail  $10+/half set  $15+/set ($10/set SOG)

French/Ombre art or glitter press

$4/nail $15/set

Gel polish

$10/set regular   $15/set for CoverProNude

Gel paint nail art


3D nail art


Gel embossing

$2-$5/nail $20+/set

3D acrylic (flowers, etc.)

$10/nail (some characters and flowers can take 10 minutes to create)

4D flower


Silicon mold



$5/nail (lace, fabric, mylar, inlaid nail art)

Custom Mixes


Custom glitter gel/acrylic


Hybrid nails (half gel half acrylic)

$10/nail $30/set

Swarovski Stones

We only use genuine Swarovksi Stones


5/$1.50   10/$3   15/$4.50   20/$6


8mm $2.50/piece   10mm $3/piece   12mm $5/piece

Chaton cluster

$3.50/cluster of 3-4

Fancy stones

$10/piece (skull, emerald cut, pear, heart)

Treasure nail full

Short $6/nail  Med $10/nail  Long $15/nail Fancy Long $20/nail  XL $20/nail  Fancy XL $25/nail

Trasure nail half

Med $6/nail   Long $10/nail  Fancy $15/nail

Treasure nail removal



Price on treasure nails depend on how many, size, length, etc.

Prices may change without notice or adjustment to this menu.