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Classic Mully

"Extravagance at Your Fingertips"

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Contact Us
We will respond to you within 24 hours via email/ form below.
We are text friendly, and you will get a faster response via text.
Sometimes we are with clients and cannot get to the phone, and we apologize.
Please note that contact times and call-backs are during business hours only.

Each technician keeps their own appointment books, below are the ways to contact each technician.

Chante Hersey
CN Certified Advanced Level Technician
IG: @Rank_Status_Nails

Classic Mully
CN Certified Master Level Technician
415.525.2033 text only
IG: @ClassicMully 


If you call please leave a message and we will get back to you, as we cannot answer during appointments.
If you call, text or e-mail outside of business hours, you will receive a response during business hours.

Please note that the salon may close periodically for onsite reservations & parties, nail classes, and trade shows & competitions.