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Classic Mully

"Extravagance at Your Fingertips"

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Thank you!

We at Classique like to thank all of our clients, and to do so we like to tell you

guys what you can do to earn discounts on services!

For every yelp check in you will receive $5 off that day's service.

Instagram and social media posts will score you $5 off a future service** by tagging either @Rank_andStatus_nails and @ClassiqueNailAtelier in the comment line and photo of your post.

Referral cards upon request will get you $10 off a future service** and your friend $10 off their first service

(must surrender referral card upon appointment)

StyleSeat review will get you $5 off a future service**.

** you may accumulate future discounts towards any service at any time within one year of earning the discount. Credits may equal to a complimentary set, however credits do not go towards Swarovski crystals. Instagram posts will only receive one discount per set posted (posting the same set multiple times will not result in more discounts)

Competition Special- Model Search
Right now, I am looking for models for my upcoming 2015 competition season.
I have two different options so please read all details below and contact us if anything strikes your fancy.

For models that will allow me to practice you have two options:

1) Allow me to do whatever I want, no questions or complaints. This is a free service and you will not be charged, but you must let me do whatever I want. Period. 

2) Tell me what you want (in advance) and depending on what it is the service could be from $30- $100 (yes, its variable because some people want crazier stuff than others) This is a rare opportunity as I normally charge $65-$200 per set. But since this is practice I am willing to fluctuate my prices, or even offer complimentary practice sets. (Please see restriction above for complimentary set)

The above options will be only available at Classique Nail Atelier located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Children are not allowed in my studio or salons as they are a distraction and it is a safety hazard,
we do this for the protection of your children.

For models who want me to use them to compete:
1) I must see a close-up, GOOD quality photo of the three middle fingers on both hands, without polish or any other products on them. I need to see if your nail beds are the right length and shape.
2) You may be compensated per competition used. (up to $100/day)
3) You must get yourself to the event. (You pay for gas, travel, hotel if necessary) its rare, but sometimes I will find a model that I love and may cover HALF of her expenses.
4) The next upcoming competitions are Long Beach CA (January), Pasadena CA (April), Las Vegas NV (June), Orlando FL (June).
5) All models get tickets into the shows (i.e. professional beauty shows)
6) You must submit your photos and inquires to the

You are always more than welcome to email or text (415.525.2033) any questions regarding being a hand model.