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Classic Mully

"Extravagance at Your Fingertips"

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Classicfied Nail Academy & Crystal Nails 2016 Tour
I am always offering one-on-one classes and group ranging from nail art to sculpture and everything in between.
Please feel free to contact me to schedule your one-on-one or group training.
Complete tour schedule and where I'll be here.

Scheduling 2017 Now 

All classes are $150 each.

All product for class use is included with the price, kits are available for purchase prior to the class. Students are required to bring their favorite brushes and files, table lamp and UV/LED lamp, and must have all artificial nails removed prior to any enhancement class. Fake hands are NOT allowed to be used during class; optional students may use each other as models.

All class fees are done through Paypal or cash/cc at the door (if class is not full).
We do not accept checks. There are no refunds on class fees.

The Classicfied 2017 Tour is now accepting hosts throughout the USA.
If you are interested in hosting a class, please send an e-mail to

Licensed professionals and enrolled students only.
Children are not allowed in the classroom at any time.
Credentials may be required at time of class.
Class fees are nonrefundable.

Classes Coming soon:

Private One on One Lessons available, text 415-525-2033 for more information.

International Master Educator for Crystal Nails
If you are interested in hosting a class in your town please contact me:
Deposit and contract required at time of booking.

No refunds given on any class fees.